Chickens — Short Film

The friend zone... We have all been there! Wondering if that glance from your crush meant something and if you will ever muster the courage to do something about it? Meet Adam and Emma with their cute, but unavoidable, problem.

A short film created for Random Acts. Broadcasted December 2016. Currently making the rounds at festivals.
If you would like to screen it get in touch.

Selected Screenings

LOCO Film Festival / Anima Mundi / Edinburgh Film Festival / East End Film Festival

Written and Directed by George Wu
Designed by: Meng-Chia Lai
Producer: Greet Kallikorm
Development Producer: Claire Cook
Executive Producers: Chris O’Reilly and
Charlotte Bavasso
Production Manager: Rebecca Archer
Lead Animator: Maki Yoshikura
2D Animators: Andrew Clarke, Jamie Hobbs,
Ivyy Chen, Krisi Zhupali
Editing: George Wu
Compositing:  Aled Matthews
Additional Compositing: Antoine Foulot,
Daniel Symons, Andy Hague
Intern: Will Smith
Music Composition: Athos Tsiopani
Sound Design: Brains and Hunch
Cast: Anne Harild Emma
Commissioned by Pegah Farahmand
at Random Acts, Channel 4
Production Company: Nexus Studios